If We Sell Now, Where Will We go?

Dated: June 15 2021

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If we sell now, where will we go?

Good question!!!  This is a concern many home sellers have in this market.  For good reason.  Our housing inventory is low so making the decision to sell or stay where you are is an important one.  What should a homeowner do that wants or needs to move?  Here are some ideas.


Buy your next home, before you sell your current home.  

This will relieve the pressure of having to find the next home before your home sells.  This also allows for you to take your time when home searching, ensuring your next home is right for you.  

Not everyone has the luxury to be able to carry 2 mortgage payments,  or have the funds to close on their next home without the proceeds from their current home.  However, there are some creative financing options available that we can talk about for just this situation.  


Move into temporary housing

There are many short term leasing opportunities, both furnished and unfurnished.   This could also mean moving in with family or friends temporarily, tightening the bonds you all have with one another…..  (So long as it’s temporary).  This will allow you to have the proceeds from the sale of your home, and take the time you need to find the right home.  

In order to lessen this inconvenience there are businesses that offer temporary storage, for those items you will not need in the short term.  For example,  If it's summer, you could pack away all your winter clothes and keep them in boxes, until you find your new home.  Moving “pods” are a great alternative.   Pack the items you do not need right now into a pod on your driveway, and then the pod will be stored till you need it.  When you’re ready for it, it will be conveniently delivered to your new home.


Obtain a leaseback from the buyer

When you receive an offer on your home,  negotiate a leaseback with the buyer..  This means you will temporarily lease the property from the new owner, for  a set number of days.  This will  buy you the time you need to find and move into your new home.   


Having  a  plan...

Any of the above scenarios will require coordination between all parties and strong negotiations, which is  where real estate agents play a major role.  As you can see there are many aspects in the decision to sell your home.  Our job is to help you come to a decision that will benefit you and your family.  No question is too small or inconsequential.  The answers may be simple, but they are very important.

Please remember, we are here as a resource for you when it comes to anything real estate and we  enjoy talking about the many different aspects of the industry.  Any time you have a question, reach out to us!

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